How to Survive After Being Laid off

It can feel like a nightmare. You show up at the office, ready to work when your HR representative asks to speak with you in private. You enter a room and find your boss sitting at a desk looking grave. They ask you to take a seat. You learn that your services are no longer needed and you are being let go.

 Being laid off or terminated from a job can feel devastating to hear when you have spent numerous years working for the organization, or worse, left a previous job to work at your current employer.

 Losing a job, while challenging, isn't something that's not fixable. Plenty of people have experienced this situation, no matter what the circumstances are behind a termination. You may feel that you have been putting in all of your efforts into your work, but this does not always mean that your job is a surefire thing. Financial difficulty that causes a bad quarter for the enterprise, or even a merger can be detrimental to a person's career.

 Some people may take this incident to heart, and it can feel difficult to find the desire to get back in the saddle after losing your job. Here are some tips that can inspire you on your pursuit towards new employment, and provide you with some guidance on what to look for in a new opportunity.


Stay Positive

 When you have lost a job, being positive could be the least of your priorities, but positivity is key in moving forward. Accept the situation and view it as an opportunity to start a new chapter in the great book we call life. This may not have been the opportunity for you, but that does not mean that there isn’t a great new job out there. Staying optimistic will not only help keep your spirits high but is a temperament that potential employers like to see. Nothing says hired like turning a difficult situation into an achievement.


Learn From Your Past Mistakes

Now is the time to evaluate what might have gone wrong with your former employer. Was there anything that you could have done to prevent it? Were you performing well? Were you acting professionally? Did you have a positive disposition? Be honest with yourself; if you find that you were falling short in some of these areas, note this, so you do not make this mistake again in the future. If you did not lack any of these qualities, and you were terminated for reasons beyond your control: don’t fret – you have already developed positive characteristics, so it is only a matter of time before you are in an exciting new position.


Be Selective in Your Job Search

This might seem like a strange piece of advice when you have just lost your job, but jumping into any position is a disaster waiting to happen. Apply to jobs that fit your skill set, offer room to grow, and will leave you feeling fulfilled. There is nothing worse than accepting an offer only to realize that it doesn’t align with your career or personal goals at all.


Apply to Positions That Offer Career Growth, and Not Just Financial Gain

 When you have lost a job, your top focus can be on finding a replacement for your loss of income. Not so fast, though. Finding a new career should not entirely focus on financial remuneration. While compensation does play a role, an equally important thing to consider is ensuring that there’s growth within your new job. You spend eight-plus hours at work; it is important that you feel that this time is well spent. There is nothing worse than working for a paycheque at a job that you hate and offers no room to grow.


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