For over a quarter of a century, XTL has provided very reliable transportation, logistics and distribution services throughout North America.  Our corporate philosophy is unique, as we view every single client as a “partner” and not simply as a “customer.”

At XTL, we understand that every shipment you make is vital to the success of your business and that your corporate reputation is always “on-the-line” so there’s zero room for error that will cause costly mistakes.

Our philosophy of treating you as a partner, and not as a customer, means that with every shipment entrusted with us, also puts our corporate reputation “on-the-line,” therefore, we handle every shipment with the upmost in professionalism no matter the size or the distance needed to travel because our success will always be based on your success.

Our reputation, philosophy, and proven track record has been paramount in us establishing many long term working relationships with multiple partners, and has allowed us to become one of North America’s largest transportation companies.