Essential Non Timber Solutions Inc.

  • Bancroft, ON, Canada

Essential Non Timber Solutions Inc.

"A forest is more then just a hardware store, it is also a grocery and drug store. Let ENTS show you.

ENTS Forest Products: we specialize in Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP) which are products sourced from forest ecosystems, other than wood or timber. This includes products such as: resins, barks, fibers, medicinal plants, wild edibles, ornamental objects... the list goes on.

We are a small (6 employees) business that is looking for a new team member.

We believe: If a company cares for its employees, employees will take care of the company.

Our operations are highly variable and so we offer salary positions to guarantee a steady income.

We have plans to expand operations over the next 18 months as so if you are looking for the opportunity to prove yourself and move upwards, within a company, ENTS should be you first choice.