Telco Steel Works

The basis upon which Telco operates is simple: a dedication to forging relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees, built upon respect and integrity.

Founded in 1992 by father and son, George and Tsvet Tsokov, Telco Steel Works Ltd. established itself as an industry leader based on George's impeccable reputation in the steel industry. George personified the phrase, "his word was his bond", and it was this substance of character that placed Telco on the path to success. Today, Telco has established a network that extends nation-wide. Telco's ability to deliver is supported by a team of engineers, draftsmen, shop and office personnel with a varied set of skills and aptitudes. Telco's leadership is driven by a management team focused on maintaining current alliances and continually searching out new ones.

Telco remains poised to confront future challenges within the framework of excellence we have achieved in the steel industry.