Futures Academy of Healthcare

Futures Academy of Healthcare opened its doors on July 12 2010. This new healthcare institution was established out of a need to give to the community an avenue for training and developing students for the healthcare industry, to assist in the care of the physically disabled, the elderly, the mentally challenged and children. Our program of study is geared towards equipping community members who share a love and care for people and want to offer their services in this way. Our vision is to empower members of our community by providing them with the skill to care for others while enjoying meaningful employment in a field of healthcare that they can enjoy.

The academy aims to train students in theoretical and practical skills that will equip them to perform in their required capacity, whether it is as a Personal Support Worker or any other job that requires knowledge of CPR and First Aid. It also aims to be accessible to persons, especially within the community, who share a passion and a desire to work in the healthcare industry with the elderly, the mentally and/or physically challenged or children. It also seeks to provide CPR and First Aid training for those who have an interest in saving lives. These skills may become useful if the individual seeks to become a part of the Emergency Services - whether with the Ambulance Services, the Fire Department or the Police.

Futures Academy of Healthcare boasts educators who possess years of educational and practical expertise in the healthcare industry and brings to each class, a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be a great asset to all students who pass through this program