Nightingale Academy

Nightingale Academy of Health Services Inc. was started in September of 2000 at the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre.

Clive McNichol, President and CEO, in honour of his mother, Margaret McNichol, wanted to established a nursing service that conveyed the six-C's of nursing care: Compassion, Communication, Commitment, Competence, Conscience and Confidence that his mother embodied.

Nightingale Academy Edmonton, AB, Canada
Mar 09, 2018
Career Training
 Health Care Aides are in high demand; multiple opportunities for each graduate Classes beings May 8th • This is your chance to help others and earn a good living • Work in Hospitals, Continuing Care Facilities, Schools and Home Care Nightingale does not charge any up-front fees for information or for English Language testing.% 88% Job placement rate Free English Test Free Optical for Students  Free Financial Counselling  Apply Now!