inSite Housing, Hospitality & Health Services, Inc.

Incorporated in 2003, inSite provides a full scope of supportive housing, assisted living and complex care services for seniors throughout British Columbia. Initially inSite offered primarily operations management and mentorship services under contract to health authorities and the not-for-profit sector. More recently inSite has replaced these offerings with owned and operated projects. inSite continues to provide operations management services in select locations where the developer shares inSite’s values and operating philosophy.

inSite’s mission is to create “Vibrant Communities Where Age is an Advantage”.

inSite is an industry leader in the provision of housing hospitality and health services that provide seniors with life quality and peace of mind through:

  • Development of a skilled, motivated and valued team of employees;
  • Innovative program and project development; and
  • Sound financial management and value for dollars spent.

Whether operating market supportive housing, assisted living or complex care, inSite’s values are captured in a philosophy and approach to care and service delivery which is centered on seniors and results in each senior enjoying a Vibrant Advantage™ experience. Vibrant Advantage™ is for, and focused on, seniors.

Vibrant Advantage™ means every day, every senior will experience:

  • a choice
  • a smile
  • a need met
  • a laugh,
  • a hug, or
  • an opportunity to grow, learn and teach.

Vibrant Advantage™ incorporates:

  • The promotion of independence;
  • Bounded choice;
  • Person centered service provision;
  • Dignity and privacy;
  • Home like environment; and
  • Autonomy, self-determination, self-governance.

inSite elected to trademark Vibrant Advantage™ to further emphasize the level of commitment to quality and person centered service delivery held by partners, executives, managers and employees.