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Media Classified Corporation and its associates (collectively “Media Classified”, “MCC”, “we”, “us”, “our”) are committed to protecting the personal information of the individuals we deal with. Such information, which can identify an individual (“personal information” – see below), may be required to provide contact information for registration, advertisers in our electronic and print publications, for business transactions, and for customer relationship management purposes. This Policy applies to the personal information we collect about our customers, advertisers, and suppliers, and describes how we use and share this information. It also describes how we maintain and secure such information and how the individual concerned may request access to it. This Policy does not apply to information that does not qualify as “personal information” under applicable legislation in Canada.

What is personal information?

“Personal information” is personally identifiable information such as your name, residential address, and email address, and includes information about your service subscriptions and usage, credit information, billing records, service, and recorded complaints. Personal information is collected by Media Classified only when you specifically and knowingly choose to provide it us, such as when you subscribe to a Media Classified publication, enter a Media Classified promotion, or choose to receive information, products, or services from Media Classified. We may also receive personal information from our business partners and other third parties, provided that such third parties confirm to us that they have obtained your consent to the disclosure of your personal information. Publicly available information, such as a public directory listing of your name, address, telephone number and electronic address, is not considered personal information.

Use and disclosure of personal information

Media Classified will generally collect and use personal information to evaluate and fulfill a request for our products, programs and services; for publication purposes or for tailoring displayed ads on the websites operated by Media Classified. MCC’s websites include, but are not necessarily limited to, jobclassified.ca, trainingplaces.ca, employmentclassified.ca, carandtruck.ca, 4rent.ca and streetboxmedia.ca, hospitalnews.com (the “Media Classified websites”, “the Website”). MCC may use personal information for sales and lead potential and for marketing purposes with associates who handle the personal information in accordance with this Policy; for customer relationship management purposes; to administer participation in contests; to evaluate responses to surveys; to respond to inquiries for information about Media Classified and its services; to gauge and verify creditworthiness and share credit information with credit rating agencies; to administer, service, and collect on accounts; for internal audit; to grant access to its customers to information on their own accounts; to process requests for the removal or correction of information from our files; to meet legal, regulatory, security and processing requirements; to contact customers with marketing or promotional materials regarding Media Classified products, programs and services; and to provide targeted sales offers to customers. Media Classified may exchange or merge personal information with data obtained from third parties for the same purposes. If an individual does not want us to use his/her contact information for marketing purposes, this person may exercise his/her option to opt out of this use, indicating his/her wishes by contacting info@mediaclassified.ca or writing to the address at the bottom of this Policy. Media Classified may disclose information for the purposes of ROI analysis and for consumer and advertiser research and strategy development. Our agreements with any such agents and contractors ensure that personal information can only be used for the purposes for which it was shared with the agents and contractors, and that the agents and contractors handle the personal information in accordance with this Policy. If all or part of Media Classified’s assets or aspects are or may be sold, financed, insured, securitized, assigned, or otherwise disposed of, we may also disclose personal information to the companies involved in such a transaction, for the purposes of allowing those companies to decide whether to proceed with the transaction and, where applicable, to provide the products, programs and services that Media Classified would otherwise provide, and generally to carry on with effective business practices.

Collection of Information Online

Some Media Classified website registration forms, including creating a user account, require users to provide personal information (such as name, e-mail address) and demographic information (such as postal code, age, or income level) and other information that is used by Media Classified to provide tailored services. Media Classified uses all such information from the registration forms to send the user information and/or services that he/she has requested. Media Classified collects customers’ financial information (such as account or credit card numbers) to bill the user for products and services, but retains this information only as required to process the transaction and for as long as may be required by law. Demographic and profile data may also be collected on the Media Classified websites. Media Classified may use this data to tailor each visitor’s experience at the Media Classified websites, showing the user content that Media Classified thinks he or she might be interested in, and displaying the content according to the user’s preferences.

On occasion MCC may ask online users to complete market research surveys. These online surveys ask visitors for contact information (such as email addresses) and demographic information (such as postal code, age, or income level). This information is aggregated as part of the survey results, and sent to advertisers, sponsors and affiliates in a way that does not identify you. Media Classified uses contact data from its surveys to send users information about our products and services.

If an individual decides not to provide us with personal information online, no material consequences will result, although this individual may be unable to participate in certain promotions, receive product information, or use portions of the Media Classified websites or services that require personalized information or applications. Media Classified may use software that receives and records the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer that has contacted the Media Classified websites for statistical data collection. Media Classified makes no attempt to link these addresses with the identity of individuals visiting the Media Classified websites. During your visit to the Website, our server may collect information about your visit and use of the website, including which pages you viewed, the length of your visit, how you accessed our website (such as via social media, direct URL or search engine search), and a variety of other data about your use of the Website.

If you use any Media Classified websites, we may assign a “cookie”. A cookie is a small file that a website stores on your system and that can collect and store anonymous Internet browsing information. We use cookies to understand how you use our websites, to make sure our ads and dynamic content are served correctly, and to improve the performance of our websites. For example, a cookie may recall a set of preferences you have set for our website and record items that you have registered for. Using cookies allows us to present you with web pages and other content that are tailored your preferences. While allowing cookies on your computer is optional, not allowing them may affect your experience on, access to, or performance of Media Classified websites – particularly pages requiring registration.

There are links on the Media Classified websites, which take you to third party websites. Media Classified is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such third websites. We do not endorse, or accept any responsibility for the information, content, or other material collected by or contained on such websites.

Your Consent

By providing us with your personal information, you consent to our collection, use and disclosure of that information as described in this Policy. If you do not want your personal information to be collected, used, or disclosed in this manner, then please do not submit your personal information to us, exercise opt out procedures described above or as may be offered at the time of collection, or refrain from exercising opt in procedures described above or as may be offered at the time of collection. You may use certain services on our websites without creating a user account. If you create a user account, you have given us consent to collect your personal information. If you have submitted personal information to us and wish to withdraw your consent to its retention, use or disclosure, please send an email to info@mediaclassified.ca. You may withdraw your consent, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice. If you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide some products or services to you. It may take up to 30 days to fully process your opt-out request.

MCC values your consent whenever we collect, use, maintain or disclose your personal information. All registered users are permitted to delete their accounts at any time, for any reason. Your registered account information will be kept for up to 30 days after it has been deactivated, in case you choose to reactivate your account. After this period, all personal information identifying you will be deleted, except for your publicly shared submissions, listings, and/or comments, which may remain on the site after your account is deleted. All anonymous demographic information will be stored indefinitely.

Where permitted or required by law, Media Classified may collect, use, or disclose your personal information without your consent; for example, to collect a debt you owe us, to comply with a legally permitted inquiry by a government agency, or to comply with a court order.


Media Classified is committed to protecting your privacy. Industry standard security measures, restricted access, and the use of passwords and firewalls have been adopted to protect your personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification. Any employees with access to your personal information shall use your personal information strictly in accordance with the Policy and the laws applicable. You can visit the Media Classified websites without revealing personal information. However, as electronically submitted data is generally not 100% secure, we cannot ensure the security of personal information you submit online, which you do at your own risk.

Please use caution when using email as a means of communication with any third party or with Media Classified. Although we have implemented security measures, we caution against sending any sensitive communication via email, unless it has been encrypted or your browser indicates that your connection to our website is secure. It is also important to note that any information posted to the Internet can be viewed and shared by anyone. As such, any information you post to our website can be found and used by other Internet users. Media Classified is not responsible for any information – personal or otherwise – posted in any online forum within our websites or for any misuse of that information.

Disclaimer about “For Sale” Listings

“For Sale” listings (“Listings”) on the website contain material submitted and/or created by private sellers, auto retailers and other third parties. Media Classified holds no responsibility for the accuracy of information presented on these pages. For any discrepancies, please contact info@mediaclassified.ca. We cannot be held liable for any illegality arising from error, omission, inaccuracy or any other such misrepresentation within this portion of the Website.

Furthermore, by displaying these third party “For Sale” listings on the Website, MCC provides no endorsements, warranties, conditions, guarantees or representations (express or implied) as to the completeness, accuracy and/or, authenticity of the information and photographs displayed under the “For Sale” listings. Media Classified publishes Listings without verification, fact checking, endorsement or correspondence with the third parties involved in a sale through the Website. We cannot be held liable or responsible for any damages or losses you may incur by using the Website to buy or sell items through third party listings published through our Website. To the maximum extent permissible by law, MCC disclaims all liability for the accuracy, reliability, unsuitability or noncompliance with any applicable law, of anything posted to, or linked from the website.

Use of Email

Certain Media Classified Websites allow you to share information with another person through Email. When you provide us with another person’s Email you are indicating to us that you have received consent from this person to use our website under the terms and conditions described here. Media Classified will not ask you for confidential personal information by email. If you receive an email asking for personal information from CarandTruck.ca, TrainingPlaces.ca, 4Rent.ca, JobClassified.ca, EmploymentClassified.ca, HospitalNews.com, StreetboxMedia.ca or any other website affiliated with Media Classified, please do not respond to the request. Let us know if you receive any suspicious emails claiming to be from Media Classified.

Submitting Content to The Website

Media Classified permits users to submit (“User Content”). When submitting content to The Website, all users must abide by the following terms of use:

  • Users are not permitted to post deceptive or misleading “for sale” listings. All sale items listed must be truthfully and accurately described.
  • The use of scripts to automatically post content to the Website is strictly prohibited, as is posting spam or malicious software, links and content. Users may not post or link to malware, computer viruses, Trojans or other websites that will impact the Website’s integrity or other users’ enjoyment of the Website.
  • Users may not post anything that violates the Canadian Human Rights Act or The Ontario Human Rights Code – including defamatory, incorrect, false, misleading, malicious, threatening, abusive, harmful, obscene, offensive, slanderous, racist, libelous or otherwise objectionable. Harassment, threats and deliberate aggravation of other users and/or people – alive or dead – is not permitted.
  • Users are not permitted to solicit anyone’s personal information, outside of the parameters of information required to conclude the sale of an item listed on the Website. Similarly, users are not permitted to post confidential or personal information, including personal contact information for themselves or others.
  • Users are not permitted to post words, images, audio or video clips, or any other data or information that infringes upon any other person’s or company’s intellectual property rights.

From time to time MCC will remove, modify or delete user submissions that breach these Terms. We may do this of our own accord or pursuant to a court order, lawful request or demand.

All registered users retain ownership of copyright and other intellectual property of their submitted content, but users grant MCC a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, transferable and sub-licensable license to use, modify, reproduce, make available, and redistribute user submitted content in any form, medium or format, without any attribution or compensation to the user. Users agree that access to the Website is sufficient consideration for the license you grant to us. Users waive all rights to pursue legal action against MCC, its subsidiaries, affiliates or sub-licensees for infringement of any intellectual property or moral rights you may have in any User Content. All users acknowledge that submitting user content to the Website is an expression and warrant that they own or have licensed all relevant rights in that content, including intellectual property and personality rights, and that MCC’s use of these submissions will not result in the infringement or violation of any third party’s intellectual property, privacy, publicity or any other rights.

Moderation of User Content

All users of the Website understand that we are not obligated to publish submitted user content and that any user content may be moderated prior to being published on the Website or at any time thereafter. MCC may edit, modify, delete or refuse to publish user content at any time for any reason, including breach of these terms. Users also acknowledge that MCC is not obligated to moderate user content and we may stop moderating user content at any time.

All users are solely responsible for their submitted content, and acknowledge that not all content published on the website for public viewing may have been reviewed by a moderator. Users of the website understand that MCC waives all liability for the accuracy and reliability of any user submitted content. The responsibility to determine the accuracy and reliability of user content rests solely on the website user’s discretion.

MCC shall not be held liable to you or any third party for the actions of users of the website, or for the outcome of any user’s reliance on the website and user submitted content, for sale listings, or third party advertisement or content.

User Accounts

Some services on our website require you to create an account, free of charge. During the registration process you will be assigned a unique username as well as a password. Users of the website who create an account are required to supply us with truthful, accurate and complete information, in order to receive an account. Registrants are not permitted to register using someone else’s name or a name that Media Classified deems offensive. Any personal information supplied as part of the registration process shall be considered protected and used according to the terms of Media Classified’s Privacy Policy document.

User access to the Website is strictly for personal, non-commercial use. Registrants are allowed to post private listings for automotive items that users personally own, and not on the behalf of any commercial organization. Businesses requiring a commercial/business account must contact info@carandtruck.ca to have one made for them. Commercial accounts are subject to additional terms of use.

Website users and registrants take full responsibility for everything submitted to MCC’s websites using the registrant’s user account – including any material that may be posted by anyone who gains access to your account (lawfully or unlawfully). All registrants are encouraged to generate strong passwords for their user accounts and to keep them safe. Strong passwords typically include uppercase characters, numbers, letters and symbols, and typically exclude words found in a dictionary. MCC does not store these passwords in any databases. Each user’s password generates a unique cryptographic hash, which is stored in our database. Upon each user login, a cryptographic hash is generated based on the password input into the password field. It is then compared the cryptographic hash stored in our database. There is no way for us to determine what your password is based on this stored information.

Users agree to provide us with accurate and up-to-date information upon request, and to update any information that changes over time – inclusive of name changes, address changes and new email address information. Users are not permitted to accept compensation of any kind – including personal reward – for their use of the website, such as selling their personal user account or posting/promoting content for third parties and commercial businesses.

All users of Media Classified websites take full responsibility for any submissions or actions made with your user account, including those that violate laws and/or the Policy. All user accounts found in breach of these terms may be modified, deactivated, limited or deleted. Users found in violation may have their access to the Website blocked entirely. Any users who have had their user account deleted, deactivated or limited for violation of these terms are not permitted to create another user account without MCC’s permission.

Limited Liability and Warranties

Media Classified Corporation tries to the best of its ability to ensure that the Website is accessible, functional, and free of error and malicious code. MCC also tries its best to ensure that the Website’s users’ privacy is respected, user experience is positive, and website data and personal information secure from disclosure or deletion. In spite of this, all users agree to use the Website at their own risk. MCC makes no guarantees or warranties of any kind. The Website is provided as is and as available. All users agree that MCC cannot be held liable for any reason, in connection with their use of, reliance upon, or inability to use the Website or any of its features and functionality.

Users of the Website as well as user account holders of the Website do not and will not own or have any proprietary rights in the Website or their user account. They similarly have no right to uninterrupted access to the Website, storage of or deletion of any content or data they submit to the website. MCC reserves the right to add, delete, limit, modify or deactivate Website features, content, functionality at any time – including temporarily or permanently shutting down the Website; limiting suspending or discontinuing the website or user account/access to the Website at any time for any reason. MCC cannot be held liable for any permanent or temporary outages of the Website, regardless of the reason – maintenance, act of god, technological issues or any other circumstance outside of our control.

To the maximum extent permissible by applicable law, Media Classified Corporation expressly disclaims all warranties (express or implied), and all liability of any kind. You agree that under no circumstances will we be directly or indirectly liable for damages of any kind relating to this Agreement, the Website or your use thereof, including any general, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages, even if we have been specifically advised of the possibility of such damages. If any provision of this Agreement is found invalid or unenforceable, that provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible, and the other provisions of this Agreement will remain in force.

Copyright, Trademarks and MCC Intellectual Property

All content made available on the Website – including design, source code, website appearance, vehicle photographs and “for sale” database – are rights owned or controlled by MCC. Unauthorized duplication – in part or full – of any content on the Website is strictly prohibited by law. Users are not permitted to submit content that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others. Any content found in breach of copyright infringement may be deleted or modified. Users who continue to post infringing material may be banned, deleted, disabled or limited from the website and/or their registered account. Please contact us immediately if you believe that there is something on our website that infringes upon your intellectual property rights.


Any failure on Media Classified’s part to enforce any of the terms of this Privacy Policy is not to be considered a waiver of any of our rights under this document.

All website users agree that the Policy is provided to users in English, and it is therefore the user’s responsibility to ensure that they understand these terms.

MCC may, at any time, terminate this agreement by deleting your user account for violation of this Policy, or for placing us at legal risk. We also have the right to terminate this agreement, without notice, if we choose to discontinue the Website and its services. Our license to use all user content shall survive the termination of this agreement.

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change and update the Policy and these changes will be made when appropriate, in a timely manner. We encourage you to examine our Policy from time to time to ensure you are aware of any changes we may have made. All implemented changes are effective immediately from the date the revisions are posted. Should there be any inconsistency between the Policy and applicable privacy laws, with the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada, the laws of Ontario and/or the laws of Canada shall govern disputes therein.


If you have questions or complaints regarding our Policy, the security of your personal information or our compliance with the applicable personal information protection legislation, or if you wish to request access to or correction of your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer via email at info@mediaclassified.ca or by sending a note explaining your request/complaint to the following address:

Personal Information Department
Media Classified Corporation – JobClassified.ca
610 Applewood Crescent, Suite 401
Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 0E3

Main Line: 905-761-3313
Toll Free: 1-888-761-3313
Fax: 905-761-5038

Please note that we may not be able to implement changes based on every suggestion, but we are interested in your input and will do our best to adjust our Privacy Policy accordingly.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on: May 14, 2014